Sunday, May 1, 2011

Track Reviews: 4/27

Son Lux – Rising

I first wrote about Son Lux, the project of prodigious Ryan Lott, about a year ago. He had just released a new EP called Weapons, and I was struck by the depth of his sound. Part-classical, part-electronica, and part-rock, the most apt comparison I could think of was Ryuichi Sakamoto; he is one of the best examples of fusing the classical and electronic genres, doing so in a way that remains infectious without removing the intricate genius of classical works. Sakamoto began much like Lott, toying with a fairly straightforward form of electronic-pop that later grow to incorporate a variety of styles. Sakamoto later won an Academy Award and is now inarguably considered one of the forerunners of electronic music, but not before struggles.

Despite being impressive, Weapons showcased struggles that come natural to an ambitious songwriter like Sakamoto or Lott. It was apparent that his vocals were hidden behind instrumentation for a reason; he had little confidence in the melodic ability and incorporation of his voice, even as the instrumentation was sweeping and powerful. His technical prowess was hard to argue against, as was the exhilarating whirlwind that best defined his structural tendencies, but he had yet to fully capture the element of pop music that was yearning to be incorporated. Lott’s new album, We Are Rising, is equivalent to Sakamoto’s Left Handed Dream, the first instance of his true vision as a solo artist. It is a majestic, staggering release that finds Lott crafting a sound that is wholly unique but also expected considering the breathtaking potential demonstrated on his past releases.

A review of the album is forthcoming, but in the meantime lead track

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  1. I'm gonna go listen to that track

  2. I love Son Lux! I only have Walls & Mazes though, didn't know about Weapons EP