Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Strokes x Lupe Fiasco

The Strokes’ buzzing new album finally hits stores today. Being their 1st new work in over 5 years the amount of hype is high, or in other words: let the remixes start pouring in. The 1st one we’ve heard so far is by Dallas boy LehtMoJoe, who mashes “Machu Picchu”, the opening track from Angles with “The Show Goes On” off of Lupe Fiasco’s new disc Lasers.

The slightly slowed down tempo & added instrumentation to the Strokes’ instrumentation adds a dramatic flair to the track, & perfectly suits it to accompany the strongly political rhymes. The Bush & Obama snippits which open & close the number give an added gravity to the mashup, & makes us think something more is at play than just trying to assemble the next dance floor banger.

“Machu Picchu Goes On (LehtMoJoe mash)”

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  1. lupe + strokes is great, DL'ing!

  2. ive never heard of strokes, im going to go take a look! great post