Sunday, March 27, 2011

white label

Years ago, if you remember, most good electronic music was only available on vinyl. Back then when you wanted to release a surprise record, you could press up 500 or 1000 “s” & send ‘em out to all the vinyl shops. These releases were some of the most sought-after tracks for DJs all over the world because of their limited nature. Fast forward to 2011 & MP3s. Obviously, we can’t press up a bunch of vinyl – we are way too broke for that. However, what we can do is provide you with the same experience from back then, but in the digital age – handwritten white record sticker and all. NYC’s Infuze & iQ Entertainment present: “”.

This dubstep gem is available now exclusively on Beatport. In true fashion, maybe it’s actually a remix you will recognize. In fact, I’m sure you will.

Infuze also put together a badass, 30 minute mini mix with some of his favorite tunes of the moment, from dubstep to drum & bass, as well as sneak peeks of some of the other jams he’s got coming out in the coming months! Click here to download & turn that shit up!


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  1. Vinyl is turning into something for hipsters, which is too bad.

  2. Idk if I like to have all the worlds music at my finger tips, or being forced into buying sertant rly good produced albums, its winn/lose situation how ever u try to see the dilema.

  3. Used to have a couple of Vinyl's lying around. Miss them : \

  4. I've always wanted a record player, this is going to have to be another thing to add onto the list of want.

    Vinyl isn't hipster, it's just appreciation for a long lost format.

    It's great to go to someones house and have a look through their record collection, pick one out and play it.

    the tactile ways of records are back!!