Monday, March 21, 2011

Wild Beasts

release their new single, “Albatross”, next month. The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Smother, out 05.09.

“Albatross” embodies the spirit of ’ 3rd album in its tone & texture. Its layers of abstract sounds are combined to form something typically bold & unique. The single sees the band shed their old skin for a fresh blueprint, combining their distinctive vocal, piano & guitar driven melodies with lush electronic sounds. It is delving deeper, finding a music even more intimate & personal.

Click here to download the single.

Wild Beats

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  1. the description of the music merits a download! gonna check them out tonight when i get out of class.

  2. I´ve never heard of this band before, checked it out on YouTube - I quite liked it actually, and that doesn't happen often.
    Their sound remind me a bit of 'Kent' which is already one of my favourites.

    Thanks for enlightening me. :)

  3. Went to listen, that song is actually really relaxing. I like that type of music, I'll try and listen to some more of their stuff.

  4. Always interested in new music, followed you!

  5. i'll check it out nice post!

  6. Where is the leak? Post me the link to the leak or I drop you forver! I'm 'clicking... evurrwhurr for the 'download' but ... hmmm.

    captcha? man i can't see in front of my nose WHAT IS TRHIS? oh gawwwwd

  7. Sounds good, didn't see a link there though.

  8. Sounds interesting. Youtube link would be handy because I'm not as diligent as Royalist Cod!
    Also, playing music already, but if I remember later I will check back.
    Thanks for the tip.