Friday, April 1, 2011


It is not very often you come across an act that is so unique sounding yet, at the same time, instantly recognizable. An act that can traverse genres with such skill & dexterity like they have been doing it for years; fusing the current desire for wild electronic productions & a pop sensibility that everyone enjoys, meet . Out of the ashes of previous projects, Aluna Francis & George Reid met through the Internet just under a year ago, shortly after George remixed “Sweetheart”, a song featuring Aluna’s vocals.

The duo’s double a-side debut single “Analyser/We Are Chosen”, will be released on 05.02. In the meantime, enjoy these free tunes…they remind me quite a bit to Ellie Goulding & Lykke Li.


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  1. i have to check this out, thanks

  2. Looking into this now. It sounds pretty awesome.

  3. Keeping me up to date on music I haven't heard before, thank you!