Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jess Mills

There’s a fair chance you’re already familiar with the sublime voice of N. London girl . Refresher: her vocals graced the recent Radio 1 A listed, top 40 single “Fighting Fire” by Breakage.

Jess’s relationship with Breakage was cemented on Leftfield’s recent comeback tour, where Jess was providing the vocals for the seminal dance act, & Breakage was the support. Bonding over a shared love of Radiohead, 90s drum’n’bass & Depeche Mode they decided to bunker down in James’ South London studio. There’s where Jess wrote & laid down the vocals for the club smash “Fighting Fire”. A track that left confused message board chatter over whether it was dubstep, trance or pop music, but that clearly united people on the dance-floor.

Like Geoff Barrow’s first meeting with Beth Gibbons, there was magic in the air

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