Thursday, April 7, 2011


Check this out! The music site released an incredible mixtape! Truancy Compilation One is a compilation that features 14 tracks from a mixture of both upcoming & established artists based from all corners of the world.

The compilation is absolutely free BUT it’ll be highly appreciated if you could make a small donation. Until May 31st, all proceeds are being forwarded to the Libya & Region Appeal.

Some of the in the comp. are: LOL Boys, TEETH, NGUZUNGUZU, Femme En Fourure, Darling Farah and Glass Actor. For donations & full tracklist go here.

TEETH – “Some”

Tanka – “Short Sighted”

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  1. well, Libya must really need our help now, i'll check it out. cool post!

  2. thats a good cause they are going after with that mixtape

  3. definitly checking this out!